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It's Christmas..

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 16, 2013, 1:56 PM

    Happy Holidays Card by LaraBLN  Merry Christmas To You by k3-studio  Happy Christmas 2012 by Lacza  Happy New Year 2013 by aeli9

    Merry Christmas by theIntensePlayer  Merry Christmas Wallpaper by kuzy62  Everybody is waiting for Santa by xmas-kitty  Going Green by VickyM72

    Naughty or Nice? by JwichmanN  Santa's Dock by SamirPA  Christmas Holidays Theme by adni18  Merry Christmas red by sed

    Christmas Red 2012 by Frankief  north pole xmas tree_by dabbexsahi by dabbex30  Christmas Icon Set by MKho  Very Merry Christmas by k3-studio

    Christmas tree dock by Shajanjp  Merry Christmas 2011 by DigitalPhenom  Christmas Green 2010 by Frankief  Christmas Wallpaper by adni18

    Christmas Abstract by adni18  Merry Christmas by jazzilady  Christmas Siege 2011 by Dangerboy3D  Wreath clock_gadget by relhom

    Happy Holidays Everyone by VickyM72  December blue by teddybearcholla  Santa clock_gadget by relhom  Victorian Christmas by Velvet--Glove

    Merry Christmas by SARETTA1  Merry Christmas 2011 by gabriela2006  MERRY CHRISTMAS to All by Xantipa2  Christmas Blu 2011 by Frankief

    Merry Christmas by r0se-designs  Christmas lights by teddybearcholla  Christmas Iconorama by adni18  Marry christmas by Robin-safuddin

    Merry Merry Orig by sed  Christmas Wallpaper by kacpertn4t  Christmas Dock Icons by petercui  Xmas Kitty by xmas-kitty

Painting's and Drawing's..

Fri Aug 31, 2012, 1:35 PM
Skin by CypherVisor

..from my fav's of the same.

Captain America - Avengers Assemble by im-sorry-thx-all-bye Postcard from Harrington Beach by teddybearcholla Go to school! by altergromit Profile by ForestEdgeFineArt

Uncle Flower's Homecoming Waltz by juliedillon Mixed Feelings by Natan-Estivallet Cute things by LadyCat17 GOOD EVENING by ARTBYTERESA

Redhead Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts :thumb312621523: The Photographer by altergromit Sun Harmony by kirilart

Alien Monkey by WorlockMolly Nana by LadyCapulet102 Beautiful Girl by bakasakaki Metro 3080 by JamesLedgerConcepts

see you at Fanimecon by jiuge The Sky Is Crying by DigitalHyperGFX Xanth: Luck of the Draw by juliedillon child by kr1ka

Infinite Oz by Philipstraub Tenderness by LORETANA Caged by Hazeldrop The Arrival by 1ALPHA1

:thumb286923642: Katara II by LadyCat17 Willow by shell31 Colors of my Heart by ANAKSSUNAMUN

Afternoon Walk by juliedillon The Ripple Effect by dalifan-teresa Ellen Page by Jaymar2010 Mad Sky by Ludifico

Vanille Final Fantasy 13 by B-AGT Red sky by teddybearcholla :thumb274661599: Sea, Sun, Stars by juliedillon

:thumb42497641: Sky city by aneki Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm jungle by VitoSs Light, shadow and war by NatMonney

Enchanted Forest by AlineMendes During The Fall by worksteady Coral Storm by StarwaltDesign

Mature Content

Nude Back by blackhair85

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 5, 2012, 7:28 AM

Just a few of my favourite walls..

Gentle Ringz by sed New Hallways... by kolja7t J Rhythm by 32square Onda by neurokratos

Unfold and Unfurl by timemit :thumb268986653: Delirium? by LightDrop Feathery by teddybearcholla

lillian's dream by donnalorelei Grunge? - 1 - Wide by Ingostan Chaotic Colors by Frankief 'Serenity...' by kolja7t

Magic Pond by SARETTA1 Life As We Know It by StarwaltDesign CurlyCue by JamMeister33 Tucked Away by sed

Paprika_1600 by teddybearcholla Misty Morning by jazzilady Opposite by TylerXy Battleship by altergromit

LIONSROAR by 1ALPHA1 Rachel Mcadams Wallpaper by kilxover Clean Cut by monkeymagico ARES 3 by 007TINAR

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Merry Xmas!!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 2, 2011, 5:09 AM
Some more of my fav's from the painting & drawing section..

Christmas Pin Up 2010 by Claudia-SG

Cool Wave by Lukay7 Libra by Unodu Ab11 Good Mood by Xantipa2 aaand spit by Mada-Goblin

Shine in the distance by DigitalHyperGFX Ta Kae by LadyCat17 Stella Final Fantasy Versus XIII by B-AGT Frog bog by teddybearcholla

fly fish by achillesliu Kloub by janLtm I Spoil You by worksteady Selena Gomez III by Jaymar2010

A near future by merl1ncz study3 by phoenixlu Coral Storm by StarwaltDesign Squirrel by Jaymar2010

Supergirl by RaffaeleMarinetti Horned Puffin by altergromit Detective Dangler by njay :thumb211467412:

Steampunk Airship by tsuanimechan :thumb201198448: SADC- no.53 -Updated by GDSWorld Moon Harbour by Betelgeuze01

blah by Mada-Goblin Blossoming Dreams by Zindy Umber by teddybearcholla Sunflower Tower by frankhong

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November 2011

Mon Oct 31, 2011, 4:00 AM
I've been quite busy (real-time) recently so I'm a bit behind here on DA.. anyway -
Here are more fav's of mine!

3d Abstract by iEvgeni  Star Whisperer by Feeriee13  Abstractiveness by VickyM72  

Nothing In Between by ShippD  Yinean Casinia by Senzune  :thumb258451183:  

Is it supposed to do that? by TLBKlaus  Samus Aran by juliedillon  Dreamer's Paradise by jazzilady  

B7_068 by TexManson  Sepulcraft by MarkJayBee  The Last Enchanter_cover2 by Luaprata91

Stained Steel 1 - Wide by Ingostan  Red Nebula by vmulligan  :thumb217837180:  

Red Science by StarwaltDesign  Blue Lotus by timemit  Where Fairies smile by SARETTA1  

DOF Play 6 by 3DnuTTa  Surreal Sunset by coolbits1  Digital Art pictures gallery09 by Santosky  

  The Flight by Jaymar2010  Caves of Tau Ceti by ArthurBlue

Colorama by yofikus   Sentual abstract by mburleigh8   WA_2.0 by relhom  

The Arrival by worksteady SAMASUZE by viperv6  'Abandoned Evening...' by kolja7t

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Summer 2011..

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 4:01 AM

..just a few of my fav Screen Shots!

havin a grand day by jaidaksghost  Delicious red by teddybearcholla  relax screenshot by ilnanny  SteamPunk Type Screenie 1 by jaidaksghost  September 12 Desktop by VickyM72

Wow White by ShippD  Bay Bridge Rainmeter by agaaachr  green ninja by thuglifesenior  Air by nucu  Magical by teddybearcholla

02.03.11 by kichakicha  neston by jeff-saiint  Kollibri by okidoci  Gemmeous X by ShippD  november moon by thuglifesenior

My Desktop SL 10.6.7 by satyriko  Cinnabar by Lovely62  Got Milk v2 by nardoxic  dream by vervi59  Warcraft by Lovely62

PIN-UP by IZA-73  palstic beauty 1 SS by nucu  Bionic by vervi59  Blue Desk by murasaki55  Splash by pitkon

:thumb207373489:  The Past Is Gone 87 by Dannyel-BonJovi87  Hot Chocolate by gersoncarvalho  Archer Hirosh Girl by Del11boy  Woof by teddybearcholla

Journal CSS by lockjavv
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Spring 2011

Thu Apr 21, 2011, 3:08 PM

Some of my favourite Fractal Art!

                                                                                                                        Sea anemone colored by teddybearcholla Ink in the water by Fractal-Kiss Hatchlings by GypsyH

Roulette by jim373 Broken Promises by TheLionofOZ Bouncing Around by Omron

Burnout by Brigitte-Fredensborg LimboCity IV by MarkJayBee MoonAge Daydream by jim373

Precious by SARETTA1 Mei Hua Flowers by MaRoC68 FractalFoundry by MarkJayBee

Brushstrokes of Colors by LaraBLN MB11 Ancient Gold by Xantipa2 Plastic Prism by Frankief

Float by VickyM72 Falling In by ShippD 111210_08 by 2old4gamez

Rock Roses by Frankief Complexcity of the sun by MANDELWERK

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The Importance of being Wallpaper 6

Fri Dec 31, 2010, 6:07 AM

Some of my favourite Walls..

:thumb190113237: WP Blue Pearl by Brigitte-Fredensborg Waterway by jazzilady A Tree For Your Eye by Harry-Paraskeva

:thumb189582704: light by gabriela2006 Chromatic aquarium by k3-studio Bah humbug by alteredteddybear

Speed by AnnaKirsten PJ by teddybearcholla Mac2 by vervi59 :thumb185600063:

Descent by jim373 Mac zip 2 by monkeymagico Cytoplasm by Steven-Becker :thumb183431343:

:thumb180827097: MiRa by adni18 I wish you were here by altergromit Deep Purple by relhom

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The Importance of being Wallpaper 5

Thu Aug 5, 2010, 3:47 AM

Some more of my favourites..  

lion by sirisha15877 UBUNTU 1 by ShippD Kitchen HDRI by VickyM72 FeisArt by GrungeTV

Red Sky by GypsyH Red Wing by jazzilady :thumb171167733: :thumb171675505:

:thumb170442999: :thumb170259225: day off by Steven-Becker Glowing Ballz by kuzy62

Generator X - WS by Ingostan SoQuid by tonare Red Ruins 3 by MarkJayBee :thumb171659318:

All That Jazz by altergromit Armageddon by teddybearcholla AbZ 138 by sed Brilliant reflection by vervi59

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The Importance of being Wallpaper 4

Sat Jun 12, 2010, 5:58 AM


                  Angie by Lynxander   NightFall by jim373   :thumb164581144:   To My Darling Wife by Ingostan

                  Helianthus by k3-studio   i'm in mamak stall by ahgun   G1B2_wide by relhom   Toucan Widescreen by Sed-rah

                  :thumb165458971:   Bleeding heart by Angelus-Hellion   good energy by imabro   SAMASUZE by viperv6

                  Steam Punk Leagues_wallpak by stramp1a   Ab10 PSY-Mood 8 by Xantipa2   F and I r3 by TexManson   HMS Royal George by RadoJavor

                  INVADERS-SPARTAN FELLA CONTEST by altergromit   Steph fishing by teddybearcholla   those were the days by donnalorelei   welcome to my world by viremaster

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The Importance of being Wallpaper 3

Tue May 4, 2010, 4:49 AM

Hope everybody had a great May the first! I've just got back from a four day week-end. We spent time with friends in a Summer house up in the north and had access to both the beach and a forest ! Weather was wet and sunny!
Very nice to be back though and  time to get stuck into DA again! Groups & Llama's inclusive!

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The Importance of being wallpaper 2

Thu Nov 12, 2009, 10:51 AM

Time for a Journal change and a chance to test out the ninja+assassin css + any other skins I happen upon. More info on that here :…

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..just back from a weeks vacation and very much behind with replies and comments and all things DA! I'll get there! :)
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I've just gone over the 5,000 page view mark and I would like to say thanks to everyone that has visited and supported my page here on DA.
Best wishes to everyone for 2009 !
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Finally and after two weeks of previewing, updating, creating, designing not to mention starvation and lack of sleep (haven't eaten in days), may I present to you all :
My very own Wallpaper & Design website featuring the complete works of Ton-K300.
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My pageview number has just gone past the 3.000 mark so I would like to say a BIG Thank You to everyone that has visited me here, I really do appreciate it ;)

---) S P O T  L I G H T (-----------------------------------------------

Once again I have to thank Deb Walker for including me in even more of her wonderful features and I'll shine a spot light on teddybearcholla (Barbara) cause' she does great art and is a constant source of inspiration to me.
Thanks Barb  ;) Thanks Debs ;)
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If your looking for well known authors in the skinning community and authors who create superb work then DesktopDreams is the right place. All submissions must be from respected well known authors or must be excellent. If you wish to download feel free to do so. If you wish to submit your work you 1st must contact an admin for approval. Once you have been approved we will create categories for the areas you wish to submit your work too. You will also be placed in the "Supporter" group which will give you access to the upload section. If you have any questions, please contact an admin at DesktopDreams. Thanks, and hope you enjoy DesktopDreams :
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I've just created a website that features all of my desktop wallpaper designs that I started around the middle of 2005.
Please take a look, thanks :)
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Happy New Year everybody!! Lets hope its a good one :)
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The power adapter on my laptop just refused to do its 'job' and the batteries had long ago reached their peak so it really was time to get something else. So I/we decided on a cheap but OK powerful desktop type computer, MS-Vista inclusive. The 'old' laptop went in for repairs but they gave up on it and replaced it with another as it was insured.
So that's like two new Vista PC's in the space of like two weeks or something.
So now I gotta learn Vista twice !!!!
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